MiniRok heeft alweer zijn 14e editie achter de rug! Wie speelde er ook alweer op de vorige edities?


2022: Temple Fang, HEISA, Elephant, Bongloard, Little Hat, Red Hot Chilinators (plays RHCP), Why Go Home (plays Pearl Jam), ReEditors (plays Editors)

2019: AC/DC UK, Black Mirrors, Daily Thompson, Peuk, The Muff, Coolboxer, Fant, Present Dager (plays Metallica), Simple Creed (plays Live), Stepping Stone (plays Jimi Hendrikx). Lees hier de Maxazine recensie!

2018: X-Raiders, Lagüna, Switch Bones, Portland, The Howling , Jagd, The Backyard Band, Tape Toy, The Boozehounds, Gramma, The Very Very Danger, Best of Foo, The Ultimate Guns 'n Roses Experience, In Utero Nirvana Tribute.

2017: St. Tropez, Komatsu, The Grand East, Barrelhouse, Nachtschade, Solitary Zebra, Kita Menari, The Dawn Brothers, Electric Company, JacleBow, Hilbilly Hayride, The Extatic, De Lievelings DJs van je Zusje, Gerarld Le Funk, DJ Krime, dj inversus.

2016: Death alley, king dalton, miciel veenstra, boogie beasts, grim tim, bazzookas, silent runners, velosso, the vinyl twins, the hickey underworld, dj jeroen, dj inversus.

2015: Texas Radio, Melting Times, Stuurbaard Bakkebaard, Humble Flirt, Orange Maplewood, Scrappy Tapes, Baltimore, DJ's: No-X & El Padro. Lees hier de VPRO 3voor12 recensie!

2014: Psycho 44, The Silverfaces, The Sedan Vault, Town of Saints, Pendejo, Rhinos are People Too, Rocco Recycle, Crossroads, El PaDro 90's Reconsidering. Lees hier de fantastische 3voor12 recensie!


2013: SupraNaturals, John Coffey, The Sha La Lees, Armand, Freaky Age, Christopher Green, Amberjacks, The I.T.'s


2012: ​​Automatic Sam, Circle J, Geppetto & The Whales, The Dirty Denims, Major Tom, Little Willy and his Stoolgang, The Fudge.

2011: Blues Brother Castro, KRACH, Wallace VanBorn, Filthy Nelly, Birth of Joy, Annasaid, Kill Ferelli, The Scoop. Met Jampodium en Silent Disco verzorgd door The Celluloid Gurus. Klik hier voor de 3voor12 recensie.

2010: The VanJets, Daily Bread, The Experimental Tropic Blues Band, The Sore Losers, Clearwater, Shoshin, Early Adopters, Broken Vow. Met Jampodium. Klik hier voor de 3voor12 recensie.

2009: Triggerfinger, Hulkk, Gentlemen of Verona, Kaltspiel, Sideshift Harry, Kings of the Day, Starfish Bowl, Sanquin. Klik hier voor de 3voor12 recensie.

2008: Drive Like Maria, The Killbots, The Filthy Red Horse, Queens Vision, Kings of the Day, Red Zone Cuba, FreeStroke, Ongenode Gasten, Sprawled. Klik hier voor de 3voor12 recensie.

2007: The Killbots, The Rones, Viberider, Super 88, Kings of the Day, Carbon.
Klik hier voor de 3voor12 recensie.

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